NiTea®, a passive mixing valve designed to dispense water at the desired temperature

Shape Memory thermostatic mixing valve

 Boiler thermostatic mixing valves: characteristics and benefits

Thermostatic mixing valves can be used for water systems as well as for hot beverage dispenser and professional coffee machines. They control the water temperature, mixing hot and cold water to provide the required temperature.

In general, thermostatic heating valves ensure the correct functioning of systems and guarantee the right level of safety in water storage and distribution. They prevent the risk of supplying water at an excessive and dangerous temperature and, at the same time, allow the water heater to work at high temperature removing the risk of the growth of bacteria such as Legionella.


NiTea®, Dolphin Fluidics thermostatic mixing valve

Dolphin Fluidics has developed NiTea®, a thermostatic mixing valve capable of dispensing hot water at the desired temperature for instance for hot drink preparation like tea or infusion.

NiTea® is an innovative valve which assures a high degree of precision and stability without any power supply. It is, in fact, a sustainable device that can mix hot water coming from the boiler or the water heater and cold water coming from the water mains passively, delivering the mixed water always at the perfect temperature and not needing energy.

This thermostatic mixing valve is used particularly for:


NiTea® is a temperature control mixing valve that can manage a wide range of temperatures. Specifically its hot component reaches a temperature between 110°C and 135°C / 230°F and  275°F and its cold component reaches a temperature between 5°C and 35°C / 41°F and 95°F.

Dolphin Fluidics thermostatic mixing valve works in a reactive way thanks to an actuator made with shape memory material that varies the mixing ratio, compensating any possible fluctuations in the working conditions and can be easily installed and integrated in any already functioning water systems.


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Technical information

Hot component temperature 110 - 135 °C / 230 - 275 °F
Cold component temperature 5 - 35 °C / 41 - 95 °F
Range of setting temperature of the mixed water 78 - 98 °C / 172 - 208 °F (boiling)
Range of setting Continuous
Accuracy ± 2 °C / 3.6 °F
Cold component work pressure 1 - 9 bar / 14.5 - 130.5 psi
Threaded inlet - outlet G 1/8 inch
Weight 450 g / 0.99 lb
Materials compliant EC 1935/2004 NSF51


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