Our technology introduces a paradigm shift in the water electronic valve market, defining a new product standard with very high performance and new and innovative functions. Each of our valves is smart and remotely controllable thanks to wireless technology.


What is a water electrovalve?

Water electrovalves are devices that control and manage flows. Every valve needs an actuator that lets the liquids flow through the valve. In the case of electrovalves, the actuator works electronically.

Dolphin Fluidics has entered the market of water electrovalves defining a new standard with extremely high performances. We realize an electrovalve with new functions and innovative characteristics: every valve is smart, remotely controllable thanks to wireless technology.


Applications of Dolphin Fluidics water electrovalves

Our water electrovalves find applications in:

  • The medical and dental sector
  • Food & Beverage vending machines


Water electrovalves are parts of various types of medical machinery such as dialysis equipment, oxygen distribution, lung ventilators and medical infusion systems.

They are also fundamental in devices such as coffee and vending machines, where electrovalves can manage the flow of water and other liquids, dispensing hot and cold drinks.


Dolphin Fluidics water electrovalves: innovative and smart

Water electrovalves realized by Dolphin Fluidics have revealed higher and better performances than traditional solenoid electrovalves in many aspects.

As shown in the following diagrams, our water electrovalves allow a 9 time-saving in terms of power and they reduce spaces 3 times more than traditional valves.

Technologies used by Dolphin Fluidics are extremely innovative solutions, which also are particularly efficient for the control and management of flows in different devices and machines.

Modular Electronic Valves Dolphin Fluidics

Electronically controlled fluidic or hydraulic valves

Modular Electronic Valves Dolphin Fluidics



Modular Electronic Valves Dolphin Fluidics




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