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Our company produces electronic valves and thermostatic valves for the medical, dental, food and beverage and industrial sectors.

Dolphin Fluidics is a first mover into the marketplace producing and promoting Smart Fluidics Integrated Platform to build new business opportunity in precision fluidics control for its customers to be leaders together.

Dolphin Fluidics acts as a flexible network company integrating new technologies based on an extensive scouting activity and partnership into the market.

The close relationship with innovation center and our technology partners allows us to constantly anticipate new trends and introducing emerging technology, bringing you state of the art solutions.

Dolphin Fluidics and its world class engineering team can support your project from idea to mass production, integrating our core technology competences. Tailor made solutions are developed in partnership with you respecting intellectual, environmental and industrial standards.

francesco butera photo


Co-founder and Managing Director

Francesco Butera has a degree in electronics engineering at the University of Palermo, master in microelectronics at Institute of Scientific Research and Technology in Trento, master in Business Administration at SAA-School of Management in Turin. He was responsible of Mechatronics group at Fiat Research Centre carrying out activities on development of active components based on smart materials for automotive and industrial applications. After that he was Business Manager of the SMA business unit for industrial applications in the SAES Getters Group and, starting from 2011, Chief Commercial Officer of Actuator Solutions GmbH. His responsibility was related to the industrialization of Shape Memory Alloys and relative development of shape memory actuators from product conception to the market. He filed more than 50 patents in the area of components based on smart materials. Thanks to his innovation approach, he started always new challenges, transforming new ideas in consolidated businesses.

stefano avoledo photo


Chief Technology Officer

Stefano, graduated in Electronics at the Politecnico di Milano, has twenty years of experience in the design and development of solenoid ad fluidics valves. In particular, he has been developing innovative solutions for the market for professional coffee machines and beverage dispensing, working directly with customers. Eight of his products and their developments are on the market, some of which have been patented or have led to the introduction of new technical production processes for their finalization. As CTO of Dolphin Fluidics, he follows the development of the product from design to production line-up, and also deals with regulatory directives and patent aspects. Involved in problem solving teams, he is able to think out of classic schemes by bringing very innovative solutions using cross-thinking methodology.

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Electronic design manager

Simone A. Bertinotti has a master degree in Automation Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. After graduating, he spent a year as a researcher in collaboration with the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano. His main research interests included the control of semi-active suspensions and control of agricultural-tractors. After the academic experience, he has begun a career in the electronics sector particularly in the development and production of integrated systems for access control in the entertainment-sports sector. His work was focused on the development of RFID and electronic systems. Passionate about science and technology, Simone has a long-time interest in innovative technological applications related to the fields of embedded systems and Internet of Things.

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Andrea has a master degree in mechanical engineering at University Federico II of Napoli. His job career started in the food factory field in one of the most important French multinational corporation where was in charge of the product industrialization, the continuous improvement project management and where he had the first contact with the industrial quality themes. Later, he was quality and certification manager at the Italian producer leader company of pollution detection instruments. Here he managed the certification process of the first Italian automatic sampling system for particular matter in compliance with the new standard and collaborated at the company EA calibration laboratory start up.

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Product Engineer

Luca Montella holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin. He later obtained a Master's Degree in Energy Management of Powertrains always at the Polytechnic of Turin. During the Master, he worked at FPT Industrial where he was responsible for the design and development of hydraulic and oleo dynamic circuits. Later on, he follows the product industrialization in a large Italian company, leader plastic components for Automotive. He is passionate about mechanics and internal combustion engines and he always looks for new challenges. In Dolphin Fluidics he follows the development of the product from design to production.

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Mechatronic Engineer

Filippo graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2015, where, afterwards he achieved a master degree in Mechatronics & Robotics in 2017. As Mechatronic Engineer, he is dealing with mechanical design of innovative solution for DF valves, especially focusing on modelling, control algorithms and programming of smart actuators.


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